I am an audiovisual and graphic designer with a passion for music.

I design everything from identities for brands, events and artists, to live VJ sets for clubnights. I design with concept and experience in mind; creating something unique, effective and - when everything falls into place - magical.

What do I offer?
Graphic Matter - artworks, banners and printed goods
Motion Graphics - animations, video and visuals
Live VJ - controlling visuals live at your event

I also love making music and am interested in creative coding and software such as TouchDesigner and Unity. Feel free to inquire about other work as well.

Worked with/for:

(Amongst others) - Blik, Circus Family, Disko Disko, Gotu Jim, Intercell, Klimaatjes, KRIS, Nike, Subcultuur

Exhibitions & other contributions

Jaarbeurs Utrecht Affichewedstrijd (3rd Prize), 2021
Philips Innovation Awards Semi Final (Klimaatjes), 2021
DEMO Festival - Amsterdam Central Station, 2019
Archive Live - Academie Gallerie Utrecht, 2019
OVERKILL - Ekko Utrecht, 2019
RUIS - Sexyland Amsterdam, 2019
De-center Re-center - Filmcafé Utrecht, 2019
Reclaim the Streets - 3sec.gallery Breda & Affiche Galerrie The Hague, 2018


Studio Daniël Santé
Kuiperberg 15
3825 CK Amersfoort