Ongoing audiovisual experiments  Online

Rapid Mind Movement (or R.M.M.) is my container-word for all quick audiovisual sketches I make, since 2018. My mind drifts a lot, and making short audiovisual experiments about themes, thoughts and words, helps to capture some interesting ideas and styles before they are lost in limbo. Rapid Mind Movement is a result of the increasingly fast flow of visually rich content posted online every moment in time. It is my way of taking a moment to capitalize on an impulse. The expanding number of sketches will eventually form a rich diary of whims, visual styles, techniques and ideas.

For expositions, I compile and present my sketches in a site-specific manner. I have presented some of my sketches at DEMO Festival, an initiative by Studio Dumbar. For one day all of the displays at Amsterdam Central Station were used to display motion graphics and art. I also exhibited sketches of the Rapid Mind Movement project at Ekko (Utrecht) during OVERKILL. Using laptop screens and monitors, I wanted to create a visual overload.